Manual Transmission Fort Worth

When looking for manual transmission parts, look no further. Wade Transmission & Gear Company is the number one resource for all your manual transmission and part needs.

Ft. Worth, unlike many other cities, is unique, due to its relatively flat geography and cowboy atmosphere. Many Fort Worth residents love the simple life and the nostalgic feel of manual transmissions. The manual transmission has gone by many names: stick shift, manual gearbox, standard MT, or simply “stick”.  If your vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission and you live in Ft Worth, then Wade Transmission is your best choice for the times when repair and service are necessary. Unfortunately, anything man made will eventually break and it’s nice to know there is a service provider close that you can trust.  Wade Transmission has been servicing and repairing manual transmissions since 1951, when manual transmissions were more prevalent and easily available than automatic transmissions. As vehicles change in our modern times, the transmission is becoming more and more sophisticated and technologically advanced, yet the manual transmission has remained constant.

Vehicles require transmissions as a result of the physics of the gasoline engine. Engines have what is known as a “redline”.  This is the maximum rpm value that the engine cannot exceed without exploding. Horsepower optimally works in a narrow rpm range where horsepower and torque are at their maximum. For instance, an engine might yield its maximum horsepower at 5,500 rpm. The job of the transmission is to allow the gear ratio between the engine and the drive wheels to change as the car speeds up and slows down. Your job, as the driver, is to shift gears so the engine can stay below the redline and near the rpm band of its optimal performance.

Not many vehicle options possess the pure raw energy of a manual transmission. You are in control of the power ratio of your vehicle not a computer. From the traditional “H” pattern design to accidental grinding of gears, manual transmissions take time to learn, but when you do the movement and transition through the gears is second nature. We have all popped the clutch to get that quick start off the line. Wade transmission understands the special relationship you have with your vehicle.  We will do all we can to make sure your vehicle’s transmission is in the best shape it can be in.

When it comes time to repair your manual transmission, we have the best technicians in the business. We have you covered from simple service and maintenance to deep cleaning and rebuilds. Gear oil service is often overlooked.  It needs to be replaced on a regular basis to get the most out of the life expectancy of your transmission. Our experience, with the repair and service of Ft Worth manual transmissions, has afforded us the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose any issues. Some of the common problems with manual transmission vehicles we have encountered are:

  • Slipping of the Clutch – the clutch allows the driver to switch between gears. When the clutch begins to slip, the engine will rev but the vehicle does not move as it should. An easy indicator of an issue is when you begin to feel the clutch releasing high. It should release earlier when you take your foot off the clutch.
  • Trouble Getting the Vehicle in Gear – trouble shifting is a definite sign of possible internal or external transmission parts being worn or damaged or even an electrical issue. Internal causes usually result in transmission rebuilds.
  • Clutch Sticks – if your clutch goes all the way down but does not come up, then there is a problem. The clutch wears out and will eventually need to be replaced in all manual transmissions.
  • Fluids Not Being Changed on Regular Basis

We recommend following proper manual transmission operation while driving, which includes:

  • Completely taking your foot off the clutch at a red light
  • Shifting through the gears in order, always starting in first gear. Do not skip gears.
  • Do not abuse the clutch

If you have a manual transmission in need of repair or service, call Wade Transmission today and let us help you get back on the road. Ft Worth has relied on Wade Transmission for over 60 years and has the reputation to back it up.  (214)747-4868