Manual Transmissions

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Transmissions, especially manual transmissions, need to be right for the vehicle make and model. As you know, only specific model transmissions will fit specific vehicles. We are the experts and will help make sure you have all the information and answers you need to purchase the right parts for your manual transmission or the transmission as a whole. We stock only the best transmission parts at affordable prices. All of our parts are of the utmost quality and workmanship. We have the expertise to custom build a transmission or we can rebuild the one you already have. If time is something of a problem, we have rebuilt product in stock ready for purchase. Our in stock transmissions range from muscle cars to trucks and from American models to most foreign. New Venture, New Process, Eaton, Roadranger, Red Line, Richmond, TTC Transmission Technologies, Borg Warner, Timken, ZF North America, Luk, and Valeo are just some of the top brands we carry.

A little about manual transmissions, surprisingly, manual transmissions can be broken down into two main types: sliding-gear and the constant-mesh design. The sliding gear is all but obsolete. All modern transmissions are of the constant-mesh design. What is a constant-mesh design? The gears in the mainshaft are in mesh with the cluster gears. This is made possible because the mainshaft gears are not splined and thus allow them to freely rotate around the mainshaft. As a result, all parts of the transmissions continually turn even in neutral.

If you’re looking to rebuild your manual transmission, then you have arrived at the right place. Wade Transmission has a full line of manual transmission rebuild kits. We have a what you need for your foreign or domestic vehicle.

We will gladly answer any of your questions and make sure you are getting the right part for your vehicle.