Transfer Cases Fort Worth

Transfer case part dealers are hard to find and reputable ones are even harder. Wade Transmission & Gear Company is the most reputable dealer in Dallas and the one you can trust to provide everything you need for your transfer case.

Even with a big city like Ft Worth, finding a reliable and trustworthy transmission parts dealer, with transfer cases, is not an easy undertaking. Wade Transmission has over 60 years of experience and a reputation to back up their service. Ft Worth residents have trusted Wade Transmission with their vehicles for multiple generations. If you have a question, just give us a call, at (214)747-4868, and we will do what we can to answer your question to your satisfaction.

Wade Transmission has a full line of transfer cases for every vehicle on the market, both foreign and domestic. Our line of transfer cases includes well-known names as New Venture, New Process, Eaton, Roadranger, Red Line, Richmond, TTC Transmission Technologies, Borg Warner, Timken, ZF North America, Luk, and Valeo. A transfer case is the transition unit for moving power to the drive shaft. Typically, transfer cases are common in all-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles.

Transfer cases are classified by descriptors that are both specific and unique. We first look at the drive type classification. A transfer case is classified by the drive mechanism used, either Gear Driven or Chain Driven. The next classification is the housing classification.  The housing classifications are married, where the case is bolted directly to the transmission, or divorced, where it is housed separately from the transmission.  Divorced units are common for long wheel based vehicles. The final classification is determined by the transfer shift type: manual shift on the fly (M.S.O.F) or electronic shift on the fly (E.S.O.F). M.S.O.F transfer cases possess a selector lever on the driver’s side floor transmission hump and may also have either two sealed automatic front axles locking hubs or two manual front axle hub selectors of “LOCK” and “UNLOCK” or “FREE”. E.S.O.F. transfer cases have a dash-mounted selector switch or buttons with front sealed automatic locking axle hubs or drive flanges. Some models also have what is called selectrac, which has a slider switch on the center console.

Ft Worth, Texas is the home of traditional residents who prefer to do business with a long standing reputable business.  Wade Transmission has worked hard to earn our reputation and we have put that in all our parts and services. You can trust that you will receive a quality transfer case.  Contact us today if you need a transfer case or if you just have a question. We are eager to help.  (214)747-4868